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“BUSTAFELLOWS” surpasses 100,000 Copies Sold.
“BUSTAFELLOWS” is a cinematic adventure game that was released in December 2019 by NIPPON CULTURAL BROADCASTING EXTEND INC. We announced that the Japanese and English versions combined have now sold over 100,000 copies.
Set in a fictional American city, “BUSTAFELLOWS” is an adventure game with an authentic crime suspense story. It is the fourth title in NIPPON CULTURAL BROADCASTING EXTEND’s female-oriented content brand.
A cinematic adventure game based on the concept of “playing a movie”, this crime suspense story features a diverse cast of characters with various skills, including a crooked lawyer, a hitman that silently eliminates hitmen, a professional in changing people’s appearances, an autopsy specialist, and a hacker who is the Self-proclaimed Underground Boss. Since its release on December 19, 2019 in Japan, the Japanese and English versions combined have now sold over 100,000 copies.
A Chinese version of “BUSTAFELLOWS” for Nintendo Switch is planned for release on 27th June 2024 and is now available for preorders.
The sequel,“BUSTAFELLOWS_season2” is now available in Japan.
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《BUSTAFELLOWS》是「文化放送エクステンド(NIPPON CULTURAL BROADCASTING EXTEND)」女性向品牌「eXtend」的第四款遊戲,以「遊玩如電影般的遊戲」為概念,講述一個發生在美國虛構城市,圍繞惡名昭彰的律師、狩獵殺手的殺手、整容醫生、驗屍官、駭客等,擁有各種技能角色的真實犯罪懸疑故事。


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